Thursday, April 7, 2011

Violent Crime In Ckvl Down By 39.5 Percent

The 2010 Annual Activity Report released by the Cookeville police department on Thursday shows that violent crime in the city is down by 39 and a half percent. There were ten rapes reported in 2010, compared to 22 the year before. Reports of robbery dropped from 38 down to 21. Meanwhile, the report shows that 57 incidents of aggravated assault were investigated by police in 2010, compared to 86 assaults in 2009. There was one homicide reported in Cookeville in both 2009 and in 2010, and that has been the norm for the past several years.  Meanwhile, although violent crime was down, property crimes increased by 3.1 percent.  There were 421 burglaries, 58 stolen vehicles, and 1,285 reports of theft.  In addition, police investigated 340 incidents of shoplifting -- although they say that number was down over the previous two years.